Somatic Coaching

What is Somatics?

Somatics is a healing modality rooted in Movement Theory, Psychotherapy, and Bodywork. The root word “soma” means “the living body”. Somatic therapy involves conversation, and physical movement practices that underscore the mind-body connection, and increase one’s awareness of their body’s sensations, emotions, and conditioned tendencies. Somatics as a Western discipline has its roots in various Eastern martial arts and healing modalities including Aikido from Japan.

Our Somatic Lineage


Southern Soul Wellness practices a politicized somatics rooted in the training and legacies of generative somatics, Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity (BOLD), Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, and nearly four decades of athletic training, performance, injury and recovery through futbol/soccer including playing on the 1996 and 1997 University of Virginia Women’s Soccer team.

We focus on supporting organizations and individuals that are:

– LGBTQ, Two-spirit people

– Black, Indigenous and people of Color

– Polyamorus and non-monogamous people

– Men and Masculine people working on unpacking patriarchy

– Formerly incarcerated and impacted people

– Frontline organizers and social justice advocates